Hydrogation S. de R.L. de C.V., is a company founded and oriented towards the trade and service of systems to improve water quality and reducing operating expenses for the client. Incorporated as a limited liability company, it considers a wide and varied range of action areas that range from the design, commercialization, installation and consulting of systems for water conditioning and conservation. Its activities are ultimately aimed at preserving and increasing the quality of water.
  • Initially, Hydrogation had commercial operations in California under the name of Rancho Pacific Hydrogation (RPH)
  • Since 1989 its founder has been dedicated to the research, use and application of water conditioning systems.
  • In the beginning, until the year 2000, Hydrogation systems were marketed in the state of California, USA.
  • By October 2000, commercial activities were oriented to the Baja California region, with offices in the city of Tijuana.
  • 2004 was a year during which the company had remarkable growth. Due to this, its founders determined that it was the opportune moment to become a legal entity, as well as to include additional facilities related to the main service.
  • The company was legally incorporated as a legal entity on September 4, 2004 in the city of Tijuana BC, México.


  • Achieve solid integration on four basic concepts: specialization, innovation, service and consulting.
  • Adapt to the particular needs of each of the possible users of the Hydrogation and Ultrafiltration Systems, which contribute to the preservation of the environment.
  • Practical and accessible facilities for future maintenance.


  • Systems to improve water quality.
  • Proven designs and practices in water conservation.
  • Installation and modifications for the modernization of the entire hydraulic system to reduce operating expenses.
  • Consulting, diagnosis and maintenance in related water systems.
  • Selection and installtion of suitable pumping systems.