The most important place for us, our home, where we must ensure hygiene regarding the water we use.
With our Hydrogation system we eliminate unnecessary expenses, by not having to replace bathroom and kitchen accessories, pipes, etc., as well as in the indiscriminate use of chemicals that are used to remove scale, corrosion, mold, algae, etc.
Without Hydrogation
With Hydrogation
Benefits of Using Hydrogation
  • Ultrafiltration removes grime and undesirables from water before it enters your home.
  • Incredibly soft and renewed skin and hair.
  • Brighter, softer and cleaner clothes.
  • Protects your chrome faucets, showers, pipes and boilers.
  • Avoid the formation of scale in everything involved with the use of water: washing machines, dishwashers, boilers, swimming pools, Jacuzzi, etc., prolonging life.
  • Reduce the consumption of detergents and cleaners for your bathrooms and kitchen.
  • The only system suitable for use of watering your plants and landscape with less water.
  • Up to 30% water savings for irrigation with no puddling & deeper root systems.
  • Crystal clear water for the pool and Jacuzzi with less use of chemicals.
  • Simple installation requiring only a small area for its installation.
  • Hydrogation does not require monthly maintenance.
  • 100% silent operation.
Residential Results
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